Optimize My Surgery

Having surgery is stressful, but it can also be a turning point in your life to live a healthier life. We’ve seen patients quit smoking because they aren’t allowed to smoke in the hospital. We’ve also seen patients lose weight so they can have a safer surgery

Surgery is complex, factors that affect outcomes are numerous. There are factors that you can change that can significantly improve your chances for a good outcome, wouldn’t you want to? 

If you want to decrease your BMI or improve your overall health before and after surgery, you’re in the right place.

Adding to the stress, sometimes surgeons won’t even perform surgery unless your BMI is under a specific number. We’ve seen this happen, but they do this because the research says that it is too risky to perform specific surgeries when someone’s BMI is too high. 

So how do we help you take charge of your health and optimize your surgery? 

We’ve carefully designed a short, easy-to-follow guide that focuses on the steps to take to improve your health before surgery. It doesn’t stop there! 

Remember when I said that we aren’t going to leave you on your own? We also have motivational coaches that will send you encouraging reminders to help you reach and surpass your goals

An Optimize Membership will plug you into our online community to ask questions and connect with like-minded individuals.

For us this isn’t about the money. We just saw that there was no good place that our patients could easily go to get high quality information online about optimizing their surgeries. So we made the Optimize Membership to help!

Here is the summary of what you get with a membership:

  • The Optimize Guide 

  • Motivational, daily reminders from our team to help you meet your goals

  • Access to the Optimize Forum. This is our online exclusive forum where we share ideas, recipes, deals and have awesome discussions about optimizing our health.

Our step-by-step Optimize Guide takes you through the three core pillars of getting prepared for surgery, your mindset, nutrition, and fitness. This guide lays the foundation you need. 

Our online coaches and team members will send out emails to encourage you with reminders to help you reach your goals. Whether that is shedding weight before surgery, quitting smoking, or exercising more in order to optimize your health before and after surgery. 

We really want this membership to help you change your life. We are also keenly aware of how expensive surgery is, and for that reason we want this to be as affordable as possible.

There’s no secret or magic to living a healthy life, but sometimes it takes a community to help! If you feel like you are motivated  and ready to change your life, lose >10 BMI points, stop smoking, optimize your nutrition or whatever it may be, it is time to say no to your old life and step into your new identity with a little help from your friends at Optimize.


Optimize Membership
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Frequently asked questions

Optimize My Surgery was made for you. We saw that there was no consistent, reliable and accurate source of information for our patients. We decided that we were going to help people optimize their health before and after surgery so they can get back to doing what they love.

Yes! We have a great community and group of professionals ready to help you reach your goals.

All surgeries and people are unique. We have created a program to help prepare for any surgery. Being as healthy as you can be before and after the operating is important no matter what the surgery!

Even if you’re not having surgery an Optimize Membership can help! We focus in on health topics, fitness, and take a holistic approach to help people meet their health goals even when they don’t have a surgery planned.

In our minds, the sooner the better! We can focus on strategies to improve your health, and the sooner you start the easier it will be! With that being said, it is never to late to start making healthy choices. Even if you just had surgery, we can still help you live a healthy life.

We would love to answer any questions you might have! Contact Us

Still unsure about the Optimize Membership? 

We’ve seen it over and over again how people could have really benefited from this community. For the best outcome we need someone who is ready and motivated to improve their life. If you don’t feel like you are quite there, that’s completely okay! Feel free to enjoy the blog, or take an outside-in look into the Optimize Forum