It's time to Optimize

When people have surgery it is a stressful event that can become a pivot point in their life. 


Optimize My Surgery was created to help people optimize their surgeries, reach their goals, and live a healthier life.


We’ve seen over and over again that often people are often just left to fend for themselves. Their doctors say, “Lose weight, stop smoking, get more exercise”. Often it can feel like people are left on their own to figure it out, even though changing some of these lifestyle factors can have a profound effect on surgical outcomes.


Having surgery is stressful, but it can also be a turning point to live a healthier life. We’ve seen patients quit smoking because they aren’t allowed to smoke in the hospital. We’ve also seen patients lose weight so they can have a safer surgery. Surgery is complex and the factors that affect outcomes are numerous. We aim to address the health factors within our reach of control that can improve the chances for a good outcome.


“We want to help people get back to doing what they love.

Our goal is to help patients through high quality resources and scientific knowledge to guide and coach people towards developing healthy lifestyles, meeting health goals, and optimizing surgeries. For us it is all about decreasing risks, helping others, and getting people back to doing what they love.

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