Optimize My Surgery

Healthy Patients = Better Outcomes
We're here to optimize your health before and after surgery

Short Term Surgery Prep

  • A patient’s condition declines from the stress of surgery (blue line)
  • Short term preparation is better than none, but patients commonly do not receive focused and consistent help with their baseline health before surgery
  • Poor health before surgery leads to worse outcomes after surgery

Early Optimization

  • We believe that more can be done to improve health and outcomes
  • We partner with patients early to improve their baseline health before surgery
  • Better health before surgery leads to better outcomes after surgery

Does Better Health Before Surgery =
Better Outcomes?

We believe that it does. Here is what the research says about it.

What We Focus On


We need strong building blocks for our healing and recovery after surgery. Science-based nutrition is the key to a healthy lifestyle and preparing for recovery.


Not only is it important for bone health, but also for decreasing the time needed for recovery after surgery.


We educate on the truths about surgery that will help patients have a more successful recovery and outcome.

Healthy Lifestyles

We focus on helping patients become heart healthy before surgery. This means working on weight loss, smoking cessation, and cardiopulmonary endurance.

How It Works

Our goal is to optimize and plan for the best outcome possible.

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We ask a few survey questions, plug people in with one of our optimize coaches, and build a custom plan.

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We deliver easy and straightforward nutrition, fitness, and health plans so there isn't any guesswork!

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